Breaking bad habits has never been easier.

Eat right with real-time food recommendations, expert advice, and an all-in-one health hub.


Fivegreen was built by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs, all passionate about nutrition and wellness, to help people live healthier and fuller lives. We’ve lived the frustration of busy schedules. Of stress. Of failing to eat right. Of seeing processed foods on every store shelf and fast-food chains on every street corner. They’re close and cheap, but far from the healthiest choice.

This hard-work, eat-cheap lifestyle has led to skyrocketing rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular & metabolic disease, and other conditions that shorten our — and our loved ones’ — years of healthful life.

We know ingrained habits are hard to break. Fad diets have tried. So have expert recommendation to quit cold-turkey.

We don’t believe in these approaches. We believe in long-term habits, whole foods, and joy in building sustainable health. So, we take a different approach to breaking bad habits: replacing them with better ones. Have your cheat meal, but never on a whim. Work for it. Live healthily and, if you choose to, have your cheat meal when you hit your goals. Soon enough, you may not want them as much as you thought you did.

How It Works

Quick logging tech. Build once, log anytime.
Complete nutrition journal & diet tracker.
Track your fasts daily & progress over time.
Track your daily sleep patterns.
Track other behaviors in your all-in-one health journal.
Daily & historical nutrition reports.
Personalized whole food recommendations.
Expert advice & meal recommendations.
Eat healthy to earn XP & level up.
Earn your cheat meal as you progress. Build healthy habits.

The Science

Personalized nutrient intake goals and meal recommendations.

Nutritional goals and guidelines are driven by data and recommendations from established authorities and the latest clinical research.

Food recommendations are reverse-engineered based on your daily dietary profile and are built to offset any deficiencies. For a balanced diet, every day.


Love using Fivegreen! It’s been a game-changer to know which foods are best for me in real-time. Haven’t been reaching for anything I know isn’t right for me as much. Thank you!

Eddy, Chicago

Love how the app makes it perfectly clear not only what my daily diet is missing, but also how to fix it with my next meal. It’s comforting to know I’m getting the nutrients I need. Love it so far!

Uri, Madison

Great idea & app! It makes my life easier to know what I need exactly when I need it. It’s helped me only go for the foods I need for a balanced diet. I’ve been eating less and feeling great lately!

Alex, San Francisco

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